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After Sangeet Bangla went on air, Bangla music secured its very own medium of expression through a whole new television experience called Sangeet Bangla.

Part of the Media Worldwide bouquet, Sangeet Bangla is not just about entertainment, it is an endeavor to showcase the resplendent Culture of Bengal through its music and movies, which is unique and typically characteristic of the land.

The channel has everything for everyone…

• The Film and Music Industry of Bengal finds a suitable ally, as the channel acts as an apt media vehicle to reach the end consumer of entertainment products.

• The variety of content emulates the entertainment requirements of the traditional to the contemporary through a musical kaleidoscope which ranges from classic to the modern.

• Sangeet Bangla gives its viewers an audiovisual experience that is totally in sync with the culture of Bengal.

• Most importantly the whole effort is an endeavor to propel Bangla music and entertainment in par with or better than those in comparisons to the broadcast expressions enjoyed by other regions of the country

Creatively crafted programs, rich production standards, true value content and top-notch packaging have positioned the channel at an elevated level.

Technically, the channel is backed up by the compound experience of Industry veterans and professionals who understand their audience and manufacture compelling programs to run the content factory for the channel.

Free to Air, the Channel's transmission can be trapped from INSAT 4A Satellite: 83o E; Frequency: 3925 mhz; Symbol Rate: 13000 khz; Polarisation: Horizontal.

Fresh, effervescent and engaging Sangeet Bangla is rocking the nation with its everlasting Bangla tunes.